Tofustaggerbush: Music only lives when it is listened to

Hi there! I am Tofustaggerbush, a music creator living in Germany. I create music of various kinds – Ambient, Dance, Trance and Berlin School. I create music that I like and I find that the kind of music that I like is generally not frequently on the market today. I like music that takes me on a real journey, tells me a story and connects with my emotions – and doesn’t just give me a 3-minute hit. So this is what I am about – making music that will transport you in to my weird and (I think) wonderful world and hopefully keep you there for a while – refreshed and inspired to go about your lives in a more positive and invigorated mood than before you started. So put on your headphones, lay back and let me take you on a journey in to sound and relaxation.

~~~ Latest news ~~~

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  • The Anthem

    Let’s kick-off the year 2024 with pulsating electronic beats to wake us all up and give us the energy we need. For January, I am releasing a new album called “The Anthem” – an electronic dance album with three long uplifting tracks to keep your feet moving and your mind wandering.

    Available on Bandcamp.

  • Space and Time

    Today sees the release of my next album – Time and Space, which is dedicated to the James Webb Space Telescope.

    The James Webb Space Telescope is an awesome achievement of technology, planning and execution. It’s results give us insights into our past beyond our wildest dreams and allow us to explore space in new ways. This album is inspired by this amazing project and feat of engineering.

    Available on Bandcamp and on all major online streaming services and stores.

  • Hiding In Caves

    My latest album, Hiding In Caves, was released today. It is an electronic music score for an imaginary sci-fi story.

    Avaialable on Bandcamp and in all major online stores and streaming services.