Tofustaggerbush: Music only lives when it is listened to

  • Radio Debut on Radio Hannover

    Last night (26/02/2020), Continnum (Part 4) was featured on Ecki Stieg’s cult electronic music show Grenzwellen on Radio Hannover. It was well received and I would like to thank him and all the fans of the show for their kind and encouraging words. I have always said that “music only lives when it is listened to” and last night, my music came alive, as did I. This was my radio debut as Tofustaggerbush and it was a wonderful experience.

  • Grenzwellen
    Radio Hannover - Grenzwellen
    Radio Hannover’s Grenzwellen Show – Hosted by Ecki Stieg

    The Radio Hannover show “Grenzwellen”, hosted by Ecki Stieg, will be featuring music by me this week on Wednesday 26th February 2020 starting at 21:00 CET. I am looking forward to hearing the show and to see which piece of music has been selected for the radio show this week.

    Ecki Stieg is a well-established, well-known journalist and has been presenting his “Grenzwellen” show since 1987 (until 1997, returning to radio in 2014). The show is especially popular in the field of electronic music but also dark wave and other genres are covered.

    It is a great honor for me to have my music played on the show, along side the likes of Tangerine Dream! It’s a wonderful show and the kind of music featured is right up my street!

    Listen to Radio Hannover here.

  • Tycho : 2020 Europe Tour

    Last night we went to see the Tycho concert in Cologne and were really delighted to hear great music and see inspiring videos. If you would like to hear their latest album go to Bandcamp.

  • High Fidelity

    Whilst all of my albums have a “special” value, the new album that I am releasing today “High Fidelity” is really special. Each track represents a particular memory from my childhood that has for one reason or another, changed or influenced my life.
    Listen/Buy on Bandcamp.

  • She sleeps?

    Busy in the basement studio tonight, creating some new music.
    My wife was able to doze-off to sleep, so it must be relaxing to listen to…? Let’s see if it stays that way πŸ™‚