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"Hear my visions, feel my thoughts."
Tofustaggerbush (Peter D. Hedderley).

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I really enjoy working together with like-minded individuals to create unusual music which put simply, I couldn't do on my own. Whilst I love to work alone on my music, working with others gives me new inspiration at a whole other level. Collaboration Platform

One platform which I used to use for internet collaboration was - a wonderful platform for collaborating with totally new people who are from all around the world. Sadly, allihoopa is no more - it was taken offline, never to return - much to the sadness and disappointment of it's community.

Other Collaborative Projects

Over the years, I have worked with a number of people on musical projects - to name a few here, I'd like to mention:

  • Manfred Reckers (eVade and Duality Micro)
  • Bernhard Arenz (Mr Slow)
  • Sascha Müller
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