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"Hear my visions, feel my thoughts."
Tofustaggerbush (Peter D. Hedderley).

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Peter Hedderley (a.k.a. Tofustaggerbush) was born in England in 1978 and has lived in Germany since 1998.

As a classically trained pianist and passionate electronic music fan, he combines both the classical piano and keyboard with modern synthesizers, samplers and effects to create a very unique style.

Ranging from classical and baroque through to world, jazz, dance, trance, ambient, drum & bass, his music takes on many forms and characters, making every piece a mystery to be discovered - you're sure to find something that you'll like!

- with several hundred pieces written to-date, it's simply a question of time and upload-space !

Though not generally published, his greatest passion of all, is the classical pipe organ and has played a number of pipe organs throughout Europe, again combining both classical and modern influences to create an unforgettable listening experience with the king of musical instruments.

Some of the pipe organs on which he has played, include:

  • All Hallows by the Tower, London (UK)
  • Worcester Cathederal, Worcester (UK)
  • Worcester Royal Grammar School, Worcester (UK)
  • Cologne Cathederal, Cologne (Germany)
  • Christus Kirche, Remscheid (Germany)
  • St. Gertrudis, Bramsche-Lingen (Germany)
  • St. Marien Frieden, Meppen (Germany)
  • Ev.-Luth.- Bethlehem, Meppen (Germany)

His musical studies took place in the UK, under the guidance and examination of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. His qualifications include Grades 1-7 Pianoforte and Grades 1-5 Theory of Music.

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